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Remember the killer robots from the Terminator that turned sentients and started slaying humans? Or the classic dystopian movie, Blade Runner, with bio-engineered replicas of humans powered by Artificial Intelligence? While these Hollywood films might have exaggerated the technology to create some breathtaking effects, Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is no longer just the stuff of science fable. The technology is transforming the way we live today, and most part of it – for the better. While various sectors are slowly but steadily stepping into this new era of AI, educational institutes are catching up fast too.

And the latest one to recognize and acknowledge this skill of the century is BNMIT. The newly turned autonomous college has recently brought AI in its classroom with a BE programme in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML).
Approved by AICTE and VTU, the programme has an intake of 120, and the students can be a part of the programme through JEE-advance, AIEEE, COMEDK, KCET and Management-quota. The idea is to create a competent workforce to meet the ever-increasing demand of the technology in various fields.

“The AIML department at BNMIT will gear up the students for the industry with more focus on practical competence of AIML concepts. We have adapted a hands-on approach to create industry leaders in this field,” says Prof. Eishwar N. Maanay, Dean, BNMIT.

The institute is targeting quality research work through the newly built department. According to Prof. Eishwar, AIML is an all-pervasive area which has its applications in almost all domains of engineering and has the potential to bridge the gap between various disciplines.

“This field of study could be one of the perfect examples for the much-needed inter-disciplinary research approach required to synergize different research areas for achieving greater breakthroughs. AIML would be the binding factor, with cutting edge technology along with data analytics concepts to make any dummy device a smart and an autonomous (a brain of its own) object. For example, a driverless autonomous electric vehicle is a combination of Electrical, Mechanical and AIML concepts at work. Future is about building smart objects and devices, sensors and its numerous applications, image processing and pattern recognition. Predictive Analysis, a derivative of AIML, is going to be absolute game changer,” says Prof. Eishwar.

The course at BNMIT is tailored in line with India’s top-premier institutes like IITs and top-ranked universities abroad, to meet the Industry 4.0 requirements. Assisting the highly trained and expert faculty members in achieving the goal, are the state-of-the-art computational and experimental facilities on campus.

“The students will enjoy the programme by executing numerous projects in college and gaining first-hand experience of the technological advances in the field. We vehemently promote innovative projects by students through funding and a well-laid out process of selection and nurturing system through the Entrepreneur Development (ED) Cell. We have various platforms to exhibit students’ projects to keep them motivated. One such platform is the in-house Innovative Project Lab (IPL) competition. Students are exposed to continuous learning opportunities under the guidance of industry experts from time to time. Also, by participating in National and international level competitions and internships, the students will further strengthen their core learning and deepen their level of understanding by applying them to real-world problems,” informs Prof. Eishwar.

Alongside hands-on training and practical knowledge, the students will also learn about the ethical impact of AI and its technologies. “With wider adoption of AI there is awareness on avoiding bias in the recommendation and ensuring ethical uses of the technology. Ensuring ethical use is equally important and organizations are adopting processes and tools to ensure this. At BNMIT students will be guided on ethical impact, principles and toolkit,” says Dr. Sejal Santosh Nimbhorkar, Professor, Department of AIML, BNMIT.

The institute also provides maximum flexibility in its Autonomous curriculum enabling students pursuing other programmes get a minor in AIML too. Minor in AIML can be awarded in areas such as Intelligent Systems, Gaming and Robotics, Healthcare and Security, Data Science and Management.

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