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BML Munjal University (BMU), a Hero Group initiative, has partnered with Max Healthcare for providing medical services to on-campus staff and students, for the academic year 2020-21. The partnership also brings with it a bouquet of specialised health services to ensure safety and security of students, once they start returning to campus. Alongside this, students and staff can also avail special discounts on treatments at any network hospital under Max Healthcare.

Speaking on the partnership, Col. Mohit Bawa, Dean-Student Welfare and Administration, BMU said “A student’s health is of prime importance for any college, and given the pandemic, it becomes even more important now. For this very reason, we have partnered with Max Hospitals, as they are renowned for their quality medical services, having network hospitals across North India and Mumbai, thus making it accessible across these regions. We would ensure that students coming back on campus have the confidence to attend classes, without fearing for their safety.”

BMU is primarily a fully residential campus and has a commitment to its students for looking after their well-being and providing medical assistance. For this, BMU has a well-equipped Medical Centre on campus for basic ailments. The recently established partnership brings comprehensive medical services which could include continuous medical education this academic year and delivering professional guidance in wellbeing to the organization. This partnership has played a crucial role in assuring parents as well as students that their safety is our priority, whenever they come back to Campus. The new academic session, which is scheduled to start in Sept will now be taught online, keeping the current government guidelines in mind. Admission deadline for UG admissions is currently August 01st.

For this academic year, Max Healthcare will handle this Medical Centre, assigning a doctor and nursing staff to BMU, to work alongside the in-house doctor. The partnership also brings forth holistic healthcare management which could include Continuous Medical Education on a monthly basis, rendering professional advice to the campus administration in safety and hygiene practices.

Talking about the initiative, Mr Anas Wajid, Senior Director, Sales and Marketing, Max Healthcare said, “We appreciate and support this thoughtful step taken by the University to secure the health and well-being of their students and faculty alike. The pandemic had brought all activities across various sectors to a grinding halt and hence it is important that we incorporate safety measures in our day-to-day activities before we re-start. While social distancing, wearing masks and maintaining hand hygiene have to be practiced routinely, timely diagnosis and treatment of the viral infection is key to a quick recovery in the current scenario.”

BMU has also signed up for tertiary medical care with hospitals like Medanta, Artemis and Medeor in Gurgaon District as well as Star Hospital in Bhiwadi. Medeor is the officially designated COVID-19 treatment hospital in Gurgaon District. The university also offers medical insurance to its students.

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