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Atria University, Bangalore, is now accepting applications for the academic year commencing 2021. As one of the first liberal sciences universities in India, the University’s undergraduate curriculum has been designed to help students develop interconnected competencies across STEM and the Liberal Arts. The University’s admissions process focuses on the student’s life story and unique qualities and not marks. The first round of applications for the founding batch will remain open till January 03, 2021. Undergraduate aspirants can register and start their application here.

Students have the flexibility to build their degree program (BBA, BDes, BSc, or BTech) in the futuristic domains of Interactive Technologies, Life Sciences, Mobility, Energy Sciences, and Digital Transformation. They explore and identify their interests first. And, pick a major-degree combination only at the end of 18 months into the program. Students also get to work on over 30 industry-driven projects from the first year onwards. And gain professional experience through internships (9 months spread across 4 years). The University’s academic team includes accomplished academicians affiliated with reputed institutions like Harvard, UPenn, MIT, Stanford, and Oxford, to name a few.

Commenting on the announcement, Sunder Raju, Founder, Atria University, said, “The future working world will demand interconnected competencies. And, our liberal sciences curriculum ensures that our students are prepared to take on the world. We believe that it’s about time for the Indian higher education system to steer away from a ‘theory first’ approach and move towards inquiry-based learning that addresses real-world problems.”

The University’s admission process looks beyond marks and entrance exams. As part of the admissions process, students complete an online application that is designed to understand their views, interests, passions, and ambitions. Shortlisted candidates are invited for a Students Engagement and Interaction Day (SEID), where they get to demonstrate their capabilities by working on a real-world project with peers. Based on SEID and application form assessment, the admission decision is shared with the student. The University provides both need and excellence-based scholarships for selected candidates. 20 crores have been allocated by the University, as financial aid, exclusively for its founding batch

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