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Keeping in view the increasing dimensions of digitalisation and people’s attraction towards it, an online art competition was organised by Himanshu Art Institute with the aim of encouraging and providing a unique platform for art and artists. This online art competition was given the title of “Art is My Life”, the main objective of this online competition is to encourage the artist and their art on digital dimensions as well as what is the importance of art to artists in their life or how they see art.

With this thought, Himanshu Art Institute organised this online competition “Art is my life” on the Instagram platform of social media, as well as the works of all the participants, were also published on the official website of the Institute.
As per competition rules, the works sent by the participants were published for seven days on the Instagram profile page of Himanshu Art Institute and Painting Ki Pathshala. In this competition, hundreds of participants like Amateur artists, students, teachers, art lovers, and professional artists of all ages and classes participated in this competition from most of the states of India took part with great enthusiasm. In terms of age, this competition was divided into two groups, in which one group had participants from 5 years to 17 years, while the other group included participants of 18 years of age and above.
All the participants displayed their art well and tried to give a positive message to the society through their art and work skills of drawing, painting, craft, sculpture, photography and digital medium which could infuse positive energy in the society.


To select the winners, firstly shortlisted the entries that got the most likes on Instagram from both groups and then the winners were selected by the panel of judges. This judge’s panel consisted of the honourable Mr. Amit Rajput, Mr. Sumit Nahar, and Mr. Chander Shekhar all are experienced artists in the art field and are fully dedicated to this field.


The winners of both the groups were given the First Prize of Rs.2000/-, Second Prize of Rs.1000/- and Third Prize of Rs.500/- and all the participants were awarded participation certificates. In the first group, the first prize went to Adhya Taank from Delhi, the second prize went to Benita Sarkar from Naihati and the third prize went to Mahek Pujara from Maharashtra. In the second group, the first prize went to Garima Jain from Uttar Pradesh, the second prize went to Divya Mittal from Haryana and the third prize went to Bhumika Singh from Delhi.

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