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Data is extremely important. To produce insights and make sense of data, science draws together subject expertise from programming, maths, and statistics.

Data scientists are a new breed of professionals who are in high demand right now. This word was coined a few years ago by data leads to LinkedIn and Facebook corporations. And today, we’ve seen a massive surge of data scientist nerds working in a variety of industries. This demand arose as a result of an unexpected requirement for brains who could wrangle data and assist in the discovery of new information, ultimately empowering corporations to make data-driven decisions.

Because of the benefits, an increasing number of people are choosing Data Science as a career. A data analyst earns a lot of money and plays an important function in an organization.

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 online courses that will help you become a data scientist.

1. Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI by IIT Madras & Intellipaat

This course by Intellipaat is provided by IIT Madras. The course is 7 Months online course which covers 50+ live sessions from IIT Madras Faculty and Industry experts. It also provides 218 hours of self-paced learning videos and a one-on-one mentorship. This course is specially designed for working professionals and fresher’s who want to build a career in data science & Artificial Intelligence. With 50+ case studies and projects the learner gets a full hands on experience to become a successful data scientists. It is created with an objective to prepare learners to apply machine learning algorithms to solve complex business problems as well as increasing the accuracy of model.

2. Udemy Data Science A-Z

The A-Z course on Data Science provided by Udemy teaches students data Science step-by-step through real analytics. It includes 28 sections, 217 lectures which are covered in 21 hours and 13 minutes. Students get lifetime access to articles and materials provided during the course and a Certificate on Completion.

3. Intellipaat’s Advanced Certification In Data Analytics for Business by IIT Madras & Intellipaat

This course by Intelipaat in collaboration with IIT Madras helps learn data analysis & business analytical skills through various projects and case studies. Students who enroll in this course learn descriptive statistics, probability distributions, predictive modelling, Time Series forecasting, Data Architecture strategies and Business analytics. Students have access to 50+ live sessions which will be taught by IIT Madras Faculty and Industry experts. This course is spread across 7 months with 24*7 hours of assistance to clear any doubts they have on completion of the course the student. It provide the learners an ability to solve complex business with the application of right algorithm. This program will equip the learners to gain business domain knowledge which is essential to become a proficient Data Analyst.

4. EDX’s Data Analytics Basics 

This course is a basic Data Analytics course which helps students gain a basic understanding of the data ecosystem, its process and lifecycle and career opportunities after studying this. The course duration is about 5 weeks with classes of 2-3 hours per week. The sessions are self-paced so the student can attend classes at their own pace.

5. PG Certification in Data Science and Machine Learning by EICT Academy, MNIT Jaipur

This course is designed to enhance the student’s knowledge in Data Science and Machine Learning. It is a completely online course for a duration of 12 months where the student gets to work on 60+ projects and access to 100+ live sessions over 12 months. In addition to this students also get 500 hours of applied learning and 154 hours of self-paced videos. This course will equip the learner to master the skills of statistics, machine learning algorithms, Neural Networks, Big Data Systems and others.

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