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In an effort to invoke interest and enthusiasm about the various nuances of design as a culture and way of life, Arch College of Design and Business organized a series of presentations of some of the most prominent designers and professionals in the country. Over a period of four weeks, sixteen sessions unfolded the various aspects of design and its power to form, reform and transform – the very basic theme of this series. The online series also marks the prelude to the Pink City Design Confluence which is scheduled for January 2022 wherein professionals from across the Globe would be invited to present research papers, digital poster and installations on the theme and sub themes. It will also invite participation for Design Culture awards, Design Story and a Designathon.

Talking about the innovative Design Learning Series, Ms. Archana Surana, Founder & Director, Arch College of Design and Business said, “Design industry has come of age over the past few years thanks to our belief in co-creation. Again, in the times of COVID, our trust in collaboration and inclusion has strengthened further to overcome the present difficulties. This is high time that we as a nation see and accept design industry in a holistic way to realise its real potential which is beyond glamour and glitter. This Design Learning series is our way to showcase the larger picture of design sector through fruitful discussions with designers, academicians, scholars and experts.”

The learning series over four weeks has been categorized into four sub themes, one for each week.

Week 1 – CREATIVITY 5.0

During the first week, the experts like Yunus Khimani, Benoy Thumpunkal, Anurag Singhal, Satish Gokhale participated and discussed subjects like Design inspiration from Art movements; Nurturing the creativity process; what is creation and Hidden Complexities behind successful product design, the series gives a deep insight into the world of creativity.

Week 2 – SOCIETY 5.0

Society 5.0 is defined as human centric society to resolve socio economic issues by integrating the cyberspace and the physical space, involving enormous opportunities and challenges for the 21st century. During the second week, the series discusses subjects like: Community & Habitat; Reimagining Education; Design for a purpose and Creativity in medical science, giving remarkable insights into the new normal we face today. The week 2 witnessed the participation of experts such as Vikram Joshi, Jinan KB, Lakshmi Murthy, Dr Vishal Rao and others


Bhargav Mistry, Kiran Bir Sethi, Dinesh Korjan, Vanmala Jain discussed the topics like `Design Ability’- a culture for effective learning; Empowering individuals with the I CAN mindset; Content of Content; and Designing for Social Welfare etc.


In the final week of the series, the subject of Design Leadership for the future is discussed by Archana Surana, Mahaveer Sharma, Ashish Deshpande, Pradyumna Vyas. Topics highlighted are Design Culture – Power to Transform; Sustainable entrepreneurship and conscious capitalism; Creative Leadership and India Design by experienced experts in the design leadership domain.

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