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Ansys Software Private Limited, the Indian subsidiary of ANSYS, Inc. a renowned global engineering simulation company and The Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar (IIT Ropar), a premier educational and research Institute in Punjab, India have joined forces to install low-cost negative pressure cabins in the government medical centers in the Rupnagar district of Punjab. Ansys has donated funds through its CSR project towards IIT Ropar’s installation of these cabins.

IIT Ropar, with simulation technology support from Ansys to its R&D efforts, has developed low-cost negative pressure chambers for isolating COVID-19 patients. These negative pressure rooms are specifically designed isolation rooms in hospitals and medical centers which ensure that released airborne contaminants do not stay suspended (or leak outside) and are instead scavenged through the ventilation system. It comprises a sealed plastic canopy, a removable door around the bed of the patient, and the suction type ventilation system appropriately placed to maintain the negative pressure and efficient removal of the airborne contaminants.

Speaking about the agreement, Mr. Rafiq Somani, Area Vice President – India and South Asia Pacific, Ansys, said, “Ansys is pleased to contribute towards the installation in Punjab of these much-needed Negative Pressure Chambers. We are firm believers that education, technology, and the government are the three principal forces that can create much needed positive impacts in the world. The COVID-19 situation has to be controlled soon and technology can pave the way for us. This installation in Punjab is a perfect example of how the industry and academia have come together to aid the government in its time of need. These negative pressure cabins will go a long way in making India self-reliant to fight COVID-19.”

Speaking about the agreement Prof. Sarit.K. Das, Director, IIT Ropar said, “I’m proud of the young faculty members of IIT Ropar who have turned the present Corona crisis to an opportunity to be आत्मनिर्भर as outlined by our Honourable Prime Minister. The negative pressure gradient room for Covid19 patients is such a development where our faculty and students worked with the industry and I’m happy that Ansys has supported this CSR initiative. I thank Ansys software for this and congratulate our faculty and students for putting into practice the mission of IIT Ropar – contribution to knowledge, contribution to society, and contribution to the Nation.”

This NPRs became a reality due to the support from Ansys through its multiphysics engineering simulation software for product design, testing, and operations. As a part of its CSR initiative, Ansys is now supporting IIT Ropar via its donation of CSR funds for installing low-cost negative pressure cabins by IIT Ropar in government medical centers in the Rupnagar district, Punjab.

The design and modeling of the NPR took shape after a group of professors, including that of IIT Ropar, decided to come up with a solution to protect the frontline health staff working at coronavirus isolation wards. IIT Ropar will be in charge of the manufacture, delivery, and installation of these NPRs in Rupnagar, Punjab.

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