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Making the educational sector touch new horizons of success, Ansal University opens its gates yet again for the batch of 2020. Located in Downtown Gurugram, the hub of international companies, the university is all geared to nurture new students and thus has started accepting applications for the latest term. The registrations are ongoing and the last day of the application is 31st August 2020.

The university understands how there could be a million obstacles when one tries to hunt down their goals and hence it helps the aspiring students to kick start their journey with the leaders of the education industry. Catering not only to their educational growth, but it also endeavours to infuse the right culture, values and ethics in the students who will soon be successful professionals.

Ansal University has always been a staunch believer in the fact that students should not only be educated and well-informed but also industry-ready individuals. Thus the institution is taking proactive measures to digitize itself to provide students with more exposure and make the university tech-friendly. Hosting online lectures, interactions, webinars and sessions, Ansal University has been embracing change and preparing for times to come.

Dr DNS Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, Ansal University

Dr DNS Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, Ansal University, says, “We, at Ansal University, focus on working with students and moulding them to become competent enough to transform their dreams into reality, eventually translating them into their success stories. We understand the passion they carry for their field and we are here to spark their fire and encourage them to reach newer horizons of success while exploring their potential and capabilities.”

Ansal University understands the rough phase the country is going through because of the recent hit of global pandemic Coronavirus. Empathizing with the people of India and encouraging education for all, the university is gearing up to welcome the aspiring students once the country wins the battle against Covid-19. Rendering its expertise to enthusiastic students, Ansal University offers an extensive range of courses and programs, which are applied, contemporary and relevant to the time.  The schools include Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Vatel Hotel and Tourism Business School, Sushant School of Business, School of Engineering And Technology, School of Law, Sushant School of Design, Sushant School of Health Sciences and Sushant School of Planning and Development.

Initiating e-learning and emboldening the global tie-ups with international universities, it is learning and preparing students to Move Ahead In Life while making the best out of unfavourable conditions and crises. Encouraging distance learning for those who cannot make it to the capital, the university is making sure to reach out to every inquisitive mind and aid them in this time of need.

The university is also focusing on more diversification of students in the classrooms. In view of the same, The University recently launched an office of International Student Affairs with the primary purpose of creating awareness about its flagship programs amongst international students and especially the NRI diaspora. Main countries where virtual Open Houses are being conducted include Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, UAE, Qatar, Oman & Africa.

Adding further on the above initiatives, Mr Amit Phull, Chief Marketing Officer says: “The university is all geared to start its academic initiatives for the upcoming semester as it offers a specially designed Online Capstone Course for each school starting from July 16, 2020. The institution is looking forward to widening the horizons of growth for its students as it offers a gamut of courses to polish their innate talents and make them industry-ready professionals.”

Along with the Capstone Course, the university is looking forward to providing its existing as well as newly admitted students with a variety of facilities that include:

  • Bridge courses
  • Certificate courses
  • Interactive soft skill training
  • Workshops and Faculty Mentored Summer Projects/ Conferences
  • Interaction with Industry Experts
  • Business Plan/ Design Thinking/ Innovative ideas/ Software designing competitions and more to hone their skills

The university will commence regular classes from September 1, 2020, as per the scheduled timetable and guidelines of UGC. Planning to conduct all practical classes at the campus itself in the physical presence of students and faculty members, the university will strictly follow all the safety norms without compromising with the education delivery. The academic support required by any student like a remedial course for academic week students enrolled in a particular program will be provided and extended financial support to all the meritorious students shall be given as well; in fact, the university has specially launched composite scholarships during COVID-19 to encourage the students and address their funding concerns. It has also planned the scholarship tests for the same in the first week of August.

Upgrading the hostel facilities and formulating revised guidelines is another step by the university to ensure the bright future of the students. Providing a safe and comfortable in-campus environment, the university is endeavouring to offer its students with quality education and resources. Hosting webinars with industry professionals, experts and other doyens in the industry, Ansal University is leaving no stone unturned to provide exposure to its national and international student-base but in a healthy and safe environment which will further minimize the risk of getting affected by the pandemic.

Ansal University is also encouraging its students to upskill themselves as the university collaborates with one of the most prestigious educational institutions, Harvard Business School Online. Providing international exposure and honing the practical approach of students, this allegiance will serve as another feather in the cap of Ansal University. The Harvard Business School Online (HSBO) courses are designed to bring the Harvard Business School classroom experience along with their advanced facilities and features to India virtually. The university is helping students to join a community and global network of like-minded peers from around the world who are committed to furthering their education and careers. Curating a designated program for the students, alumni and faculty of Ansal University, the institution is also providing them with the Scholarships and Financial Aid program, which will benefit them with an all-round exposure to enhance their skills in the business space.

The university also includes a team of highly-skilled and motivated professors, who help students to explore their highest potential and achieve it with the right kind of education and exposure. Guiding students in the right direction, it catalyses their success by matching their educational expectations and encouraging them to hunt down their goals and evolve with every passing day; not just a practising professional, but also as an individual.

Transforming their tales to real-life success stories, the university opens its gates to nurture a new batch, yet again.

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