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Recently Bangalore-based fine arts artist Amrita Tiwary participated in Maitree Utsav II organised by Onkkon Art Studio from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad Bangalore, which was curated by Mrs. Sarbani Chatterjee and Mr. Navneet Raj. Amrita  presented seven of her Artworks. In total nine artists participated in the Fine Arts Exhibition, four artists from Bengaluru and five from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Most of them presented in six to nine paintings in this exhibition. The artists used different styles and mediums in their paintings. All paintings were very unique. Amrita had put 6 paintings in watercolour and one painting in soft pastel.

Amrita Tiwary who is the founder of Kreative Minds said that these 4 days of art exhibition gave her a great exposure. While the pandemic is still not over yet but she felt that she was very lucky to get a chance to showcase her paintings in the art exhibition. She was also very grateful to the art curators of the exhibition Sarbani Chatterjee and Navneet Raj and Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad Arts and Culture Hub of Bangalore. She thinks offline art exhibitions are always much better, in online exhibitions you can’t engage with people face to face. “In virtual Exhibitions we cannot connect with people directly whereas in offline exhibitions, we artists get a chance to interact directly with the visitors and make them understand about the painting. People who visited the art exhibition were all asking about the painting theme, how much time do we need to complete the painting?? What materials have we used for the paintings??And so many questions have been asked by the Visitors. So while answering the visitors’ questions, I really enjoyed connecting with the visitors. Being an artist it is a real pleasure for me to meet with the visitors and interact with them directly. I hope to participate in many more Art exhibitions in the coming days”, said by Amrita.

Amrita’s student Naysha Jain shared her experience about this exhibition and said, “The Exhibition was truly amazing with beautiful and unique Artworks. It was like a hall of inspiration. Artists from different places were present there, I saw different mediums used in new ways and learnt new mediums like cube art etc. Even though I could not go there, But I enjoyed the exhibition very much.

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