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In these testing times, students and their parents are mainly worried about getting admission in reputed universities and the course to be chosen which can enhance the prospects of getting jobs in multinational companies and/or getting global placements and exposure.

Amity University took an initiative to reduce the stress of the students and was live today with career counselling session on the topic “Education Beyond Classrooms- Explore the world through new age 3 Continent, Study Abroad and International Programs”. The session was conducted by Prof. (Dr) Gurinder Singh, Group Vice-Chancellor Amity Education Group and Dr. Bhawna Kumar.  It was under the career counselling webinar which is part of the various online activities and sessions which the university has been doing successfully, despite the lockdown situation during the difficult times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Gurinder Singh, in his speech, explained various career options, ways to take admission, how to choose the right program and the right destination.  Dr. Singh further added that the international program is a global transfer program of Amity in collaboration with some of the top foreign universities in the world like The University of Queensland, University in Birmingham, University of Massachusetts and many more and the student is conferred with a foreign university degree this will enable Indian students to do international programs with 167 top-ranked Universities at one-third of the cost.  In the answer to a question, he informed that Amity is providing a study abroad program for all its students which is a good chance to go abroad to have an international study experience. There is immense global exposure during the study at Amity in India too with end number of international guest lectures, Ambassador lectures, global CEO interactions, competitions, projects, international internships, research and so much more.

The webinar had a question and answer session in the end where the participants put forward many important questions to the speakers which were answered clearly and precisely both in English and Hindi language. The international programs which are offered by Amity are one of the best options for students looking for foreign academic exposure and global career ahead during these difficult times as its most economical, great scholarships available, completely recognized programs by the government and other authorities in India and across the world, rightly timed later when the pandemic is over and things are normal again, and truly transformational experience.

Hundreds of prospective parent students participated in this live event and a live question-answer handling session handled by domain-specific experts made it more meaningful and interesting.

The official spokesperson from Amity has confirmed that there will be many sessions of such type in the near future, which is becoming very popular among all and is exciting the students who are fully convinced about high state of contemporary technologies and alternative methods to overcome any unforeseen crisis or challenge.

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