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AI-powered platform Genius Inside, aiding personal and professional transformation is elated to announce the launch of the ‘26 Week Adventure of Self Transformation’ – a journey from potential to performance. The flagship program co-created and mentored & coached by Tarun Katial and Priya Kumar respectively is slated to roll out on 20th September 2021. Fronted by leading industry experts, Genius Inside is a platform where the journey to Genius, greatness, and peak performance is personalized to the individual participant. By leveraging advancements in AI intervention and machine learning for the recommendation engine, combined with phy-gital mentoring, Genius Inside helps audiences benefit from continued learning and personalized transformation, on-demand.

The ’26 Week Adventure of Self Transformation’ program will help transform and enhance the leadership capabilities of individuals to be 10 times more effective and engaging. The journey of the program is set to revolutionize the self-improvement and learning & development industry, with the help of weekly coaching, timely assessments, gamification of levels, options of mentoring, and personal guidance to unlock the genius within through a personalized program. The Co-Founders’ mission is to give back to society by helping them unleash their potential and perform to the very best of their abilities.

Priya Kumar, Chief of Content & Founder, Genius Inside says, “The 26 Week Adventure of Self Transformation’ is curated to make individuals feel in-charge of their lives. It will provide them opportunities to test themselves in different areas, in order to familiarize them with a better understanding of their abilities and limits. This program will help in driving a clearer focus for one’s learning and help keep them motivated. This 26-week adventure holds the potential to unlock self-improvement and transformation with individuals being coached by masters, mentored by geniuses & becoming a part of a community of self-made successes.”

“Sometimes circumstances and the environment does not allow one to unleash their true potential. The truth here is that we have the potential to be, achieve and acquire anything we desire. Our aim with the ’26 Week Adventure of Self-Transformation’ is to help develop positive approaches and attitudes at various fronts of life. It is to aid an individual’s professional and personal growth and help them decode & resolve their problems better. The weekly coaching under this program would offer guidance and help keep everyone engaged.”, said Mr. Tarun Katial, Founder, Genius Inside

‘The 26 Week Adventure of Self Transformation’ by Genius Inside is an original, guided & personalized program handled by industry professionals. The program is here to be the game-changer in the learning & development industry and hold a position to step towards being socially conscious about leading the youth. All in all, the program is built on content from worldwide geniuses and tools that are workable and deliver the promise of transformation and unleashing the genius inside.

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