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Bhavita Madhu, a student of Integrated MS – Life Sciences (Class of 2023) at Ahmedabad University bagged a gold medal in figure skating in the 17+ years age group at the 59th National Roller Skating Championship held in Chandigarh from December 13–16, 2021.

Bhavita has been pursuing skating since the tender age of four. She has belted various awards at competitions held at national and international level. Lauding Bhavita’s achievement, Ahmedabad University’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Pankaj Chandra said, “Bhavita’s journey as a top-notch scholar athlete is a source of inspiration not only for Ahmedabad University’s students, but the larger student community of our country. We are extremely proud of her.”

In figure skating, the participant is required to follow the figure circle line on a specific edge. Figures become progressively more complex with the addition of turns and the use of the third circle. It was Bhavita’s perfect blend of precision, poise, balancing, grace and body posture that set her apart from the other 200 odd participants at the Championship.

Sharing her feelings at this momentous accomplishment, Bhavita proudly said, “Achieving something while representing the country has been an exhilarating experience for me!” Elaborating on what attracted her to skating, Bhavita says, ‘it lent her self-confidence, a sense of control and helped hone her balancing skills’. Bhavita gives the credit of her performance to her coaches Jyutika Desai and Raffaello Melossi; her mother who has been her staunch supporter throughout her roller skating journey and has been accompanying her for various competitions; and Ahmedabad University.

Plans in the pipeline for Bhavita include – opting for subjects like Business and Computers as her Minors alongside her Life Sciences Major; expanding her family’s chemical manufacturing enterprise post her life sciences degree; representing the country at international skating competitions; and dabbling in baking!

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