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Even as the education sector was preparing to return to school and classroom learning, the recent spike in the number of Covid-19 cases has once again brought it in a stage of limbo. While reports suggest that most stakeholders are in the favour of reopening schools and colleges, the government is compelled due to obvious reasons to dictate otherwise. However, this in no way suggests that the casualty here would be the process of learning. Thanks to new-age Edtech players, the bar has already been raised in the sphere of remote learning. Here we take a look at a few such Edtech apps that are gradually and effectively transforming the education sector.


This is an award winning app catering to kids who are enrolled in playschools or nursery. Through its unique set of play and learn activities, the apps boasts of building a solid foundation of subjects like Mathematics and Science. The app comprises research-based learning activities, which are designed by experts, to help the kids enhance their acumen when it comes to problem solving etc. The other benefits of the app include modules based on self expression, role playing and general knowledge. The Kiddopia team consists of parents, teachers, artists and developers who strive to build unique learning experience for little minds.


Aristotle is India’s first social learning app of Digital Aristotle, which thrives on the concept of networking and offers a huge bank of User Generated Content. The one-of-its-kind app gives students an option to learn together with friends and encourages peer to peer learning. This app is for school students and lets them improve their scores through gaming and quizzing techniques by spending just 15 minutes a day on the app. Besides, subject matter experts are enrolled to give the students a helping hand to steer through different phases of learning. The app enables revision, topic-based challenges and multiple choice quizzing. Another highlight is the provision to scan any question from a textbook for step-by-step solutions.

Shifu Orboot:

This app relies heavily on Augmented Reality and has been developed for children in the age group of 4 to 10. Through a series of interactive globes, the app depicts three different worlds – Orboot Earth, Orboot Dinos and Orboot Mars. While Orboot Earth allows the little ones to explore countries, cultures, wildlife etc on Earth, the other two are about the study of era when dinosaurs existed and details about planet Mars. Under Orboot Earth, there are six categories called Animals, Cultures, Cuisines, Inventions, Maps and Monuments. In addition to that, there is an inbuilt game mode, which lets the kids hunt treasures across the globe, build own national park and take up fun challenges.


Unacademy boasts of being the largest online learning app in the country, with as many as 50 million active learners and a 1000-strong educator community. The journey started with a YouTube channel and Unacademy later transformed into a full-fledged Edtech app. The platform functions on the Manta of ‘Educate Enable Empower’ and the mission of the entity of to democratize access to high quality education. The app allows live classes on a daily basis, which is the primary pulling factor of the platform. As part of live classes while the learners can clarify doubts, they can also get engaged in live polls etc. Besides, it allows mock tests and lectures for complete learning.


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