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Brainly, the world’s largest online learning platform for students, parents and teachers, has surveyed its Indian user base on Earth Day. With the COVID-19 pandemic serving as a backdrop of this year’s Earth Day, the survey garnered an overwhelming response from 2963 participants hailing from small and medium-sized cities with maximum respondents belonging to metropolitan regions.

One of the key findings of the survey includes that, against the backdrop of coronavirus this Earth Day, a whopping 83.9% of students say they believe that climate change is real. Still, only 40.7% say they were willing to attend an online session on environment issues, if given an opportunity. A prime reason is that 71.2% of students stated they already have an interest in climate change and 46% of them declare researching about the environment and climate change on their own. In addition, 38.4% say they become aware via television, 16.9% via print media, and 60.4% in school. However, they also feel that school-based awareness has considerable scope for improvement, with only 57.5% stating that they are ‘taught enough about environmental issues in school’.

The survey also reveals some other noteworthy patterns. It shows that most students utilise their time at home to get creative and try DIY methods to conserve the planet or contribute to its betterment in some way. Saving electricity by switching off unnecessary appliances and water conservation have emerged as their most common activities to save the Earth.

More than half of Indian students consider pollution as the main threat to the environment. As the kids become responsible towards their environment and planet, this Earth Day most students took an initiative to help conserve the planet. The trend indicates how students are proactively taking matters into their own hands and utilising every opportunity to do their bit for the environment.

Apart from its niche in online teaching, Brainly is also popular for acting as a voice of Indian students by releasing relevant surveys that give valuable insights into crucial topics. Since its launch in India, Brainly has proved its mettle as one of the country’s most effective online learning channels by registering a user-base of 22M+. With a ‘community learning’ model that combines online education, social media, and machine learning, the platform facilitates an extensive network of peers, parents, teachers, and experts to empower students with a collaborative, flexible, and comprehensive learning experience. The findings of this survey reiterate how Brainly has established itself among the most-preferred online portals for K-12 education both in India as well as across the globe.

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