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There are hardly any doubts when we hear that learning a foreign language is fun and interesting. People who have mastered a foreign language are capable of opening doors to new opportunities in India and abroad. Moreover, with growing business relations between India and other countries, there has been a significant increase in the inclination towards foreign languages apart from English.

As the world is becoming more connected and dependent day by day, the perks of language learning are much higher today than ever before. This ever increasing demand for the foreign language is directly proportional to the increase in the number of students opting for a foreign language. Amidst this, French is the language that tops the charts.

Aspirants are highly inclined towards learning French to shape up their careers to the best of their advantage. While there are many institutes in India that offer the best French learning courses; picking the best one might be a little tricky. Hence, to help you simplify the selection process, we present to you a quick list of the Top 5 Institutes for French Learning Course.

Henry Harvin:

If you wish to give a new definition to your career graph, a French language course offered by India’s leading Ed-tech company – Henry Harvin is the most viable option. This thoughtfully designed course helps you in acquiring knowledge of the language that will help you to touch skyscrapers in your career along with teaching you the skills to articulate your thoughts in the French language.

The training session is divided into two levels – B1 and B2 and is delivered by some of the most renowned industry veterans with 15+ years of working experience. The entire curriculum of the course acquaints you with mastering the art of speaking the language fluently along with writing long sentences in French.  The successful completion of the course allows you to attain the certificate of French Language Training and is followed by regular bootcamps and internship opportunities.

Alliance Française: 

The French learning course offered by Alliance Française is divided into six broad levels: Beginners (A1), Intermediate (A2), Advanced (B1), Independent (B2), Superior 1 (C1), and Superior 2 (C2). All the six levels train the students with every minute concept of the language; right from the basic everyday expressions to conveying their thoughts fluently and spontaneously.

Taught by experienced professionals, the French Course at Alliance Française Institute provides the students with methods and text books in order to make the French learning process easy.

Cosmolingua Institute of Foreign Languages:

Cosmolingua Institute of Foreign Languages is one of the leading institutes that offer French learning courses with a communicative approach. The major aim of the institutes is to acquaint the students with informative sources and thereby enhance their language skills.

Equipped with hi-tech audiovisual source availability, this Institute indulges in various modern facilities to benefit the students in its best capacity. This course also allows the students to test their knowledge and sharpen their French-speaking skills effectively.


This intermediate-level B1 / B2 French course offered by Coursera is designed in accordance with the requirements of the European Framework of Reference for Languages and is a part of the dual system “training with digital technology” and “language and interculturality”.

This course offers an immersion in the student world through course videos, texts in multiple formats, short extracts from films and authentic videos which give a voice to French or foreign students living in France.


Lingoda Institute offers a comprehensive online French class focusing on more than just grammar and vocabulary. The course covers useful topics like ‘Life abroad’ and teaches you to speak confidently in any situation.

Split into multiple levels from Beginners to Advanced, from A1 to B2 respectively; the course is delivered by industry veterans and aims to provide high quality and effective sessions as second language instruction and a deeper understanding of the culture through dynamic teaching methods in a professional and friendly environment.

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