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Adamas University, rated as one of the best private universities in Eastern India launched an MBA in Business Analytics, MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain, and MBA in Pharmaceutical Management as part of their new offerings. The programs are designed carefully in collaboration with industry partners to make them futuristic and skill-oriented suited for current industry requirements. The programs are introduced keeping in mind the future prospects and the growing markets in the specific industries. The world has seen the opening up of sectors that require unique competencies and skills, and the three sectors of analytics, supply chain, and pharmaceuticals are at the forefront of growth.

With the integration of India with global supply chains, professionals qualified to contribute to this area will be in high demand. Currently, a large part of this sector, almost 80%, is unorganized and there is a rapid movement towards formalization of the sector. This is accentuated by the entry of multinational companies into this strategically important area. However, there is a dearth of skilled and knowledgeable professionals to support this sector and hence it was imperative that the University offers MBA in Logistics & Supply Chain, a program customized to the needs of the booming sector, with a reputed industry partner, Safexpress, India’s leading logistics company.

Additionally, as per some recent data, by end of 2024, 75% of enterprises will shift from evaluating to operationalizing AI, driving a 5-fold increase in streaming data and analytics infrastructure. Business intelligence and data analytics are the fastest-growing markets in the corporate landscape with business processes requiring accurate measurement of every aspect of operations, from marketing to human resources in real-time. Adamas University launched an MBA in Business Analytics, in collaboration with SAS, a world leader in analytics, with domain-specific courses that concentrate on skilling students to enter the world of Big Data and Analytics.

The current pandemic has also shown a new path for great career options in the health and wellness sector, particularly the pharmaceutical industry. The industry is in perpetual growth and needs experts who can also contribute to the professional management of the entire value chain. The MBA in Pharmaceutical Management will provide students with an in-depth understanding of business and economics of the sector, including laws related to pricing, IPR, and other aspects, production systems, good manufacturing practices, quality assurance, finance, sales and marketing, strategic procurement, supply chain, and distribution practices, etc. enabling them to grab market opportunities in the pharmaceutical and allied industries.

The eligibility criteria for all the two-year programs require graduation with 50% marks and AUAT/MAT/CAT/XAT qualification.

“Adamas University believes in the holistic development of a student by not just keeping them limited to the classroom-based lectures rather giving them hands-on experience in alignment with the industry requirement. These programs are all futuristic and expected to gain momentum as the markets grow further. The real purpose of a university is not only to deliver quality education but also to help students grow as a person and a leader. Thus, we hope such courses will help our students to pursue their dream careers and make them market ready for a demanding corporate life”, said Prof. Samit Ray, Hon’ble Chancellor, Adamas University.

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