Editorial Team

The New Education Policy of India announced yesterday has been a topic of discussion. 92% of Indians showed their support for non-rigid separation between Arts and Science streams. Additionally, 80% of the respondents support the move of making mother tongue/regional language the medium of instruction till 5th Grade.

83% of the respondents were in support of the new 5+3+3+4 breakup of school curriculum structure. The poll was conducted as a part of the Inshorts DailyInsights Poll, an app-based poll survey conducted by Inshorts, India’s #1 English news app. Over 2 lakh app users participated in the survey.

The poll was conducted post the announcement of the New Education Policy 2020 yesterday that proposed several structural changes in the early and higher education system. The Union Cabinet also approved the change of Union HRD Ministry’s name to ‘Ministry of Education’.

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