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The incoming class of 2022-23 at MICA, Ahmedabad – India’s premier management school for Strategic Marketing and Communication, has more female students than male students. The new batch across all three programmes ~ flagship PGDM-C and PGDM, Crafting Creative Communications (CCC), and Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) comprises 51% of female students. Of 244 students across all programmes, 124 are females and 120 are males.

Dr.Shailendra Raj Mehta, President & Director, MICA, said, “Our new batch of students strengthened the now widely acknowledged fact of MICA being among the most gender-diverse B-schools in the country, with a gender ratio of 50:50 at most times. This is because of our uniquely designed entrance test, MICAT, which tests analytical and creative skills. As a result, without any preference being granted to them, they stand out in our tests.”

The institute has an established legacy of drawing a diverse group of learners. The new batch has students from Pharma, Hotel Management, Architecture, Fashion Technology, Law, Finance, Ayurveda and Journalism apart from Arts, Commerce, Technology and Sciences.

Prof.Taral Pathak, Co-Chair of Admissions at MICA, said, “With data becoming central to a manager’s decision making across all fields including marketing and marketing communications, it is heartwarming to see candidates with a core finance, pure science background and other professional qualifications like architecture, CA, law to sit along and share ideas in the MICA classroom. Now that is what I call a teacher’s delight. True Diversity.”

Batch classification:

The current PGP batch of 206 students has 106 male students and 100 female students. About 80% of the PGP class comprises students in the age group of 21-25 years. Of 206 students, as many as 54 percent come with prior work experience. Thus, the quantum of fresh-out-of-college students in the batch is 44%. The PGP batch comprises of 31% engineers, 27% Commerce graduates, 14% from Arts and 9% from Sciences.

For the CCC programme, 60% of the batch are girls, whereas the FPM batch has 80% female scholars.

Says Prof.Ruchi Tewari, Co-Chair of Admissions at MICA, said, “Diverse footprints across all facets are integral to MICA.
The layered selection criterion ensures room for all – written test rigorously checks for aptitude while the last leg – Group Exercise (GE) and Personal Interview (PI) offers avenues for self-expression in a safe and relaxing environment. With a clear emphasis on ‘doing’ over ‘knowing’ we are able to recruit excellent talent which is agnostic to any biological, social, cultural or academic privileges or biases”.

MICA goes paperless for its admission process:

The institute has taken a step toward sustainability by going paperless for its admission process. The development is an extension of MICA’s commitment to ‘save thousands of papers’. Under the new initiative, the students can not only edit and re-edit their profiles, but also evaluators can evaluate speedily.

Starting in 2021, MICA embedded technology in the second – descriptive evaluation and third phase of the admission process – the Group Exercise and Personal Interview.

“In the papered version, each student filled in a two-pager personal information form and was evaluated by 5 evaluators (2 for group exercises and 3 for personal interviews). All this led to about 5000 sheets of paper, after accounting for the pages wasted due to errors and rough work. Now in the digital format, the students fill in their information on the digital platform, and they have the charge to edit their filled-in information for 30 minutes”, added Prof.Tewari.

Sharing her experience, Khushboo Fazulbhoy, a first-year student at MICA, said, “The MICAT experience this year was seamless, and it is very gratifying that an exam conducted on such a large scale across cities is completely paperless. MICA’s GE-PI process too is conducted in person and is a pleasure to go through. The detailing of different GE topics for each group and the conversational personal interviews reflect the amount of hard work invested to painstakingly select the final candidates.

The fact that the process is conducted sustainably and is environmentally friendly adds the cherry on the top and is truly in line
with MICA’s spirit.”

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