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Technology has taken over the world for more than a decade now. The world is now moving faster than ever, with automation taking place in every industry it is only becoming more difficult for employees to sustain themselves. Upskilling plays a significant role in standing out and making them employable. Over the years the competition for a profile has only further increased where being best with real times practical skills is the only way to win the race. The tectonic shift in the industry has made upskilling irreplaceable. Being multi-skilled with hands-on experience and the right choices of learning has given students opportunities to excel in their respective careers. Recently with a new wave of education and awareness towards a skilled workforce, the education system is focused on becoming more interactive and real-time learning. The startup ecosystem of the country has also been actively participating in the skill development process where they are ensuring upskilling with various courses and curriculum for young India.


The Bangalore based startup is on a mission to help students and young professionals learn and earn better led by Byju’s former leadership,the country’s most successful Edtech platform. CareerLabs offers courses with industry insights and updated curriculum for students to develop industry required skills and also opportunities for placement in top companies. The startup has upskilled and placed hundreds of students where they also offer higher education solutions. CareerLabs helps students identify the right path, upskill them, coach them through industry mentors, help them participate in hackathons/ workshops/ internships, provide the finishing touch through their finishing school and finally get into dream jobs / masters programmes. The start is proud to be India’s first profile building platform where students build profiles, upskilling themselves for their dream jobs.

BridgeLabz Solutions LLP

One of the largest IP-driven incubation labs aimed at nurturing engineering talent and ideas emerging in the technology space. The platform is offering a 30-day online CodinClub Bootcamp to upskill the fresh engineering, IT talent in India and improve the overall coding proficiency.Doing to enhance the employability of the IT resources and advance them on a higher career path. BridgeLabz further connects top-performing candidates with its partner companies for assured jobs. Since March 2020, the company has groomed and placed more than 300+ tech talent despite the ongoing industry-wide layoffs.Currently, more than 800+ are undergoing the 30-day coding boot camp and the latest round of interviews has now begun with considerable interest from the organizations, especially considering that BridgeLabz has the largest pool of premium quasi-ready talent on the pan-India level.

DALHAM Learning

The Bangalore based start-up DALHAM Learning, founded in July 2020, offers social science and liberal arts courses for undergraduates and postgraduates of Engineering and Management disciplines. The main objective is looking to bridge the employability and skill gap. The platform is the outcome of a unique Indic liberal approach to education that has evolved over a period of time. The organization is dedicated to providing students with a holistic education model immersed in liberal studies and offers Integrated Liberal Education programmes to higher education institutions for students of engineering and management courses. Through various programs offered at DALHAM Learning, it aims to provide opportunities to the students to explore a variety of academic areas from science to literature.


Kochi based startup is a vernacular – language upskilling platform established in 2020.The founder says that the startup has been named Avodha, which means skilled labour in Hebrew. It offers 17 courses in coding, mobile mechanics, marketing, accounting, and more in Tamil and Malayalam. The company is also working to offer courses in English and Kannada as well. Their course duration is generally three months but it is quite flexible, allowing users to extend their course timings in case they need more time to completely grasp the concept.They are currently working in two states – Kerala and Tamil Nadu – and have clocked a total turnover of Rs 4.8 crore in the last eight months since inception.


Academix is an Ed-Tech startup which is trying to bridge the gap between the corporates and students. They are constantly trying to conduct various programs that can help students develop skills and help them to match the needs of the real world.They offer various courses in management, communication, new-age technologies, designing, Microsoft skills, and digital marketing. They are also coming up with their Internship Portal for early-stage startups and corporates which could provide students a glimpse of the Corporate world. Academix courses not only help students but also corporates , startups and educational institutions.

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