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Students who have graduated but have little to look forward to this year in terms of further study or job offers now have something to cheer about. Various platforms have launched virtual initiatives to ensure that they remain upskilled and networked with global peers, amid the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic that has hurt study and career prospects of youngsters.

From ‘virtual graduation’, ‘virtual internships’ to ‘virtual hackathons and workshops’ here is the list of few platforms ensuring placement and upskilling of fresh graduates remotely.

1. BridgeLabz

BridgeLabz Solutions LLP – one of the largest IP-driven incubation labs aimed at nurturing engineering talent and ideas emerging in the technology space. The platform is offering a 30-day online CodinClub Bootcamp to upskill the fresh engineering,  IT  talent in India and improve the overall coding proficiency. Doing to enhance the employability of the IT resources and advance them on a higher career path. BridgeLabz further connects top-performing candidates with its partner companies for assured jobs. Since March, the company has groomed and placed more than 300+ tech talent despite the ongoing industry-wide layoffs. Currently, more than 800+ are undergoing the 30-day coding Bootcamp and the latest round of interviews has now begun with considerable interest from the organizations, especially considering that BridgeLabz has the largest pool of premium quasi-ready talent on the pan-India level.

2. Github

A platform for the open-source developer community, which was acquired by Microsoft Corp in 2018, is providing virtual or remote internships to students for 6-8 weeks through its global partnership with technology giants like Facebook. Students in the program are placed in small groups of 8-10, called “pods”, along with a professional mentor and 2-3 Open Source project maintainers. The students within a pod collaborate on projects over the course of a program.

3. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is a leading professional education firm that offers training in different domains like Fintech, Financial Services, Analytics, etc. recently announced the launch of its Post Graduate Program for Agile Business Analyst with ISA payment model. The program will be offered with a unique ISA model, which is a placement-first structure that enables professionals to boost their career before making any payments. With a belief that this PG program, combined with the ISA payment structure, will lead to a substantial increase in path-breaking Business Analysts for youths.

4. Coding Ninjas

The platform offers courses in Machine Learning, Data Sciences, C++, Java, Python and so on. The online ed-tech platform has recently launched a 21-days’ code challenge – referring to the lockdown. This is paid for a duration of 2 months but if the students complete it in 21 days, they get 50% cashback. The platform focuses on teaching coding and other courses to beginners with an aim to polish their skills remotely.

5. Great Learning

Great Learning provides professional courses in Data Analytics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and so on. The platform has recently launched an Advanced Certification Program in Software Engineering for IoT, Cloud and Blockchain. The nine-month-long online program is designed for upskilling of technology professionals and aims to bridge the talent shortage in emerging digital skills faced by the IT and Tech industry. The program offers 300 hours of online video learning sessions, live learning sessions, and a series of practical projects in cloud computing, blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things).


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