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While being into the pandemic for almost 6 months, the Indian education system has been turned upside down. With schools shut, kids’ education and development have faced the worst consequences. As social distancing is being implemented everywhere, it has highly hampered the daily activities for kids.

However, there are tonnes of innovative digital platforms that are helping school-going children learn, develop and become smart despite the coronavirus lockdowns.

Both mental and physical activities are the key drivers of the kids’ learning process. Activities ranging from coding and mental games to extracurriculars like karate and dancing are crucial for the holistic growth of kids.

Different digitals apps and portals have created an amalgamation of learning with fun. Such apps are using virtual models now. The activity content has been designed keeping in mind limited spaces and self-collected materials readily available at home.

Here are 5 apps making learning from home fun and helpful for your kid’s growth:

Next Education

Next Education is a complete K-12 education solutions provider that has launched KODA in June 2019 to simplify coding and STEM for students between the ages of 9 and 13. The block-based game designing platform enables children to create their own games, making learning simple and fun.KODA helps the students to learn these skills using game-designing as the medium. The platform incorporates more than 12+ programming concepts and 40+ learning modules that are designed in a fun way to keep the learners engaged. The modules cover programming and STEM concepts. KODA also helps students to perform better in Math and Science by taking up more than 80+ activities, 50+ challenges and quizzes, and many other programming tasks. The activities and challenges are designed to not only assess their learning but also aid in reinforcing the application of the concepts. The company has been receiving huge traction during the lockdown as schools are rapidly adopting the tool.

Urban Pro

UrbanPro is India’s largest and most trusted Learning Network. Their vision is to be a one-stop learning partner for every Indian. With over 6.5 lakh Verified Tutors, Trainers & Institutes They are a trusted partner of choice for more than 25 lakh students visiting every month to fulfill learning requirements across more than 1000 categories.

From academic courses, entrance exam tuitions to hobby classes like guitar, dancing, and more, Urban pro is a great platform for students to become productively engaged during the lockdown.


In light of the current environment, Fitb.ee is working towards bridging these gaps by using technology to create a fitter and healthier youth.

Fitb.ee is one of India’s Emerging Children’s Fitness applications that focuses on providing a structured approach to a child’s fitness and wellbeing, with the intent to shape their future. Founded in 2017, Fitb.ee is the first of its kind application that is dedicated to the fitness of children across the ages of 4 – 16. Born out of the intent to change the culture of fitness in India, the company’s overarching goal is to make fitness a lifestyle and way of life for young children.


Flintobox is an India-based company that produces educational activity boxes for children. Based on a theme, the company makes resources for Early Child Development on a monthly basis. Flintobox follows a subscription operational model and delivers the boxes straight to a child’s doorstep. The child gets to unbox lots of exciting & age-appropriate activities every month that focus on the 16 key developmental skills. Kids learn multiple concepts & themes through play and grow holistically.

Coco Educational Games

Coco is an educational games program, featuring multiple brain trainer activities such as kids puzzle, kids math games featuring mental math and brain training games for kids. Kids involved in an interactive experience by running, flying, jumping by playing little mini-games. The visuals are lovely, but it’s how they mix them with sound effects. It is suitable for children from 5 to 10 years old. Coco offers educational mental math games to your children to help them develop their concentration skills. It is designed to boost kid’s mental health, improve their attention, their memory, and their understanding of things while enriching their vocabulary in addition to having fun.


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