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Upgrading oneself with time has become a necessity in the current scenario. To be able to match with the contemporary requirements, it is important to upskill. The IT sector being one of the fastest-growing industries urges the upcoming generations to acquire skills in order to achieve greater opportunities. Hence, there is an increase in demand for latest technology courses these days. Such courses not only induce new skills but also prepare individuals professionally to keep pace with the fast-moving world.

Below are the top 5 niche digital skills by WileyNXT, innovative bridge learning solutions from WILEY which are in high on demand:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML)

Synonymously used terms, AI & ML are not really similar. Machine learning is a by-product of Artificial Intelligence. AI has a lot of scope in the times ahead as it paves way for digital assistance with human skills. According to LinkedIn, AI Specialist is also one of the top emerging jobs in 2020.

In addition, ML makes machines work with already stored data and least human contribution making this field a powerhouse of opportunities- some of which are Applied AI/ML Developer, Data Scientist, Research Scientist, etc. As per credible reports, there has been witnessed a remarkable demand for Machine Learning Specialists and Engineers in recent years.

2. Cloud Computing

A virtual platform to store and access computer operations. Cloud skills are required in well-approved roles in the job market. A future in Cloud not only has a significant pay scale but also offers multiple opportunities comprising of Software Engineer, Cloud Developer, Network Architect, and many more.

A report by India Today states the median package of a Cloud Architect goes up to INR 13,40,000. According to renowned employment website Indeed, there has been seen an increased demand for Cloud Computing jobs by 42%. It is therefore, that the demand for cloud computing courses is also on a peak in the market.

3. Data Science and Analytics

Ranked as one of the topmost globally emerging jobs, this area invites a lot of prospects. Data Scientist, Data Engineers, Business Intelligence Analyst are a few such roles that demand expertise in Data Science and Analytics. Data Science industry hiring has increased by 46% recently, as per a credible agency report.

4. Full Stack Development

It is a holistic development of the web which earlier was divided into two parts, namely front end and back end. With the advent of technology, this area has also developed itself to an extent where a developer can look into both ends of the web as a whole. All Fortune 500 companies hire Full Stack Developers.As per Nasscom report 2020, one million new jobs are created for Full Stack Developers every year. To match up to the skills required across organizations, it is important for an individual to undertake specialized Full Stack Development courses.

5. Blockchain

A technology that lets transactions occur independent of any third party and within a short span of time replacing the usual lengthy procedures. The current situation and the increasing use of blockchain technology has opened many new avenues for professionals like Blockchain Engineer, Blockchain Architect, among many others. Annual salaries for such professionals can range from 9.5 lakhs to 22 lakhs. However, a job in such a field requires extensive blockchain technology training and certification.

Certification courses in the niche digital and technology courses can provide a better scope of learning and employment for the workforce of the future.

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