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The pandemic and lockdown has changed the face of education and learning from school to colleges. From offline to online, education has now become e-learning. Where education for kids is more concerned, a number of ed-tech platforms have jumped into helping parents manage their kids’ learning cycle with personalized learning in multiple languages, gamification and entertaining video content to ease out the learning process. As it is difficult to guide toddlers through online classes, education is becoming interactive with the help of video lectures, plays, cartoon learning, english lessons, language skills, Social-Emotional Learning and many more. To make this possible and to make learning easy especially for toddlers and their parents, edtech startups are making it possible with interactive sessions and learning in India as well.

Here are 5 edtech startups to look out for pre-nursery education in India:


ClassMonitor, an Indore based edtech startup established in 2016 is an activity kit for early childhood education that helps to teach, play and bond with children. ClassMonitor is empowering educators to create a positive impact on students by enhancing their learning experience. Their revolutionary activity kit for kids blends traditional teaching with modern methods of learning. This learning kit takes children to a learning space that combines real life learning experiences with curated activities and a resourceful library. They are working on their mission to help improve early education with a more efficient teacher, a more participating parent & highly motivated student. ClassMonitor Learning Kit helps the child develop their Linguistic Skills, Logical Thinking, Sensory & Motor Skills, Cognitive Skills and Creativity. They are providing a Year Long Comprehensive Home Learning Guide for a one-time pricing providing the parents with year-long subscription of their mobile application, a learning kit with over 250 activities and access to ClassMonitor Community Of educational experts and parents.


Kutuki, is a Bengaluru based edtech startup established in 2017. Kuruki is a team of educators, artists and techies passionate about early learning and content for young Indian children. Kutuki is India’s first early learning app that uses proprietary stories and songs-based curriculum to attract and transform India’s youngest learners. The mission of the startup is to transform how India’s 200 million youngest learners learn.Kutuki has a mobile app with videos and songs top-rated by parents in India as well as NRIs, books based on content, a full-stack curriculum for pre-schools live in a few schools & growing /and a plan to create physical learning materials for home and pre-schools – all based on the core content engine. In a nutshell, we are building a full-stack brand in the pre-schooler segment.


OckyPocky, a Haryana based edtech startup established in 2015 is India’s 1st interactive English learning app for preschool kids. They are on a mission to change the way 160+ million Indian kids learn English.  Their interactive platform gives instant feedback powered by voice,video, and vernacular and best teachers in India. Bringing  unique live classes to help kids learn safely for the 4-12 year age group. They teach English with unique blended learning pedagogy. OckyPocky also curate creative courses for young learners. The app engages with more than 200,000 children learning 8-10 million words in 30 days. OckyPocky provides collaborative learning in globalized platforms. Unlike other video apps, they allow you to give feedback and also allows kids to build an early year vocabulary foundation with voice, video, and vernacular.


SuperCubs, a Rajkot-based edtech startup established in 2020, aims to help parents teach their pre-school children through online live courses, games and interactive activities. This edtech startup aims to help parents with their kids preschool via domain specific activities and an international-level curriculum, by delivering videos online. The startup provides education solutions for children aged below five to six years. The startup offers colourful thematic books and live interactive sessions to the students. The mobile app gives access to students for day-wise plans, activity videos, games, progress reports, etc. and also enables them to upload their homework online.Engaging with young children through play-based inquiry and experiences that helps create a natural love for learning. Their literacy programs employ unique instructional approaches for different age levels to ensure every child is engaged, empowered, and propelled toward reading and writing success.


Kiddopia, Mumbai based edtech startup established in 2012 is a team of parents, teachers, artists and developers who take great joy in building learning experiences for curious little minds.The startup is providing a subscription-based edutainment app for kids. The startup believes that learning should be fun, engaging and of top-notch quality, so they are striving to make their content both constructive and exciting, so that kids will come again retaining their knowledge and refining their skills in the process. Kiddopia is a safe, inclusive and encouraging environment to help each child reach their potential to the fullest. The Salient Features of this startup is their Total Integrative Learning – Curriculum Linked Math Program, Language Skills, General Knowledge, Creativity and Role Playing, Reporting Dashboard and Social-Emotional Learning.

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