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The global lockdown has turned education upside down and boosted remote learning process. The pandemic has affected educational systems worldwide, leading to the near-total closures of schools and educational institutions. 

The closure of schools is estimated to affect around 600 million learners across the world. The lockdown has generated uncertainty over the schooling cycles and affected the learning process of students. Hence, the EdTech platforms jumped in to help millions of school-going students in India with two major issues — first, to help students with their studies, and second, to keep them protected from the deadly COVID-19.  Progressively information-driven, EdTech platforms are applying personalisation and versatile learning, video substance, gamification, and immersion technology to change the manner in which students learn.

Here is a list of some EdTech platforms that are helping students to easily study at home or acquire a new skill:

1. Byjus

Byju’s is India’s most loved learning app for anyone from the first standard to a higher education aspirant. Engaging video lessons, study material mapped to the syllabus, interactive questions and unlimited practice with in-depth analysis inculcates a fun-learning experience, keeping the interest and longer retention period intact. You may buy a course as per the personal requirement. This EduTech platform makes the learning and understanding of concepts much easier for school kids. The subject focus of the platform is Maths and Science, and the concepts are explained using 12-20 minute digital animation videos.

2. Next Education India Pvt Ltd

Next Education is an end to end K-12 solution provider backed up with 400 hours of video lessons, 2D & 3D animation to make learning experiential and fun, topic wise questions with solutions, sample papers, a question from All India Test Series and detailed performance report. In case of doubt, the online question-answer forum helps you in getting a solution within 24-hours. In addition to this, Next Education provides the next book, next mentor, next lab (robotics, English, Hindi, math, science) and pre-designed curriculum for facilitating better academic planning for teachers and students. It’s one space for all as it strictly aligns to the syllabus of CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and 23 state boards in 8 languages. Next Education is growing every day with 66000+ digital classrooms, 700+ schools adapting hands-on lab, 240000+ teachers and 12000000+ students.

3. Vedantu

Vedantu Learn Live Online is one of India’s leading online tutoring website that covers the whole syllabus ranging from CBSE, ISCE, NTSE, Olympiads, and even IIT JEE. Vedantu is offering free online classes on its website and through its app in order to keep students safe inside their homes. The website also offers free study material, apart from the online classes. The website has given a free access to all live classes and content of Vedantu for Grades 1 to 12, JEE & NEET. The online classes can be accessed via their website and on their app that is available for free on Android and iOS.

4. Brainly

It is one of the largest online learning platforms, uniting students with fellow students, parents, and teachers around the world to help solve their academic problems and to facilitate knowledge exchange. It has a user base of over 25million in India. Here, it connects users to their peers to help strengthen their skills, from math to science, history, and beyond for free.

5. Coursera

A platform where each subject is taught by top instructors from world-class universities and companies, giving people an opportunity to learn something new anytime, anywhere. Hundreds of free courses gives access to on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, and community discussion forums. Paid courses provide additional quizzes and projects as well as a shareable Course Certificate upon completion. It helps students aim for higher grades and perhaps some scholarship cash. The courses are very affordable, and the apps can be downloaded on both iOS and Android phones.


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