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Schools at World University of Design, in their quest to delve deeper into their concept of a ‘Campus Without Walls’ organised a 5 day on-site workshop integrating performing arts with architecture for the students of the two schools. The workshop is conceptualized and conducted by Shinjita Roy and Vidhya Gopal.

This workshop was organised from May 9th to 13th, 2022. Between 10am to 3pm on Tuesday and Thursday, May 10th and 12th, 2022 at Rajaon ki Baoli, Mehrauli and rest 3 days on WUD Campus. The workshop aims at exploring the tangible parameters of architecture through intangibles of performing arts like emotion, rhythm, choreography and aesthetics.

It offers applications of fundamentals like taal, raag and narrative (from music and dance) in association with analytics of space-making and public interaction with heritage architecture, bridging the well known wide gap between traditional knowledge and its contemporary applications.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Vice Chancellor, World University of Design) said, “For us a WUD, saying we are a Campus Without Walls is not a rhetoric, it’s a way of life. We have made it open for students as well as faculty to move, learn & teach across schools. This workshop is about taking the concept further and researching the inter-relationships between different domains. The delight of discovering the interrelationships is obvious on the face of students.”

Prof. (Dr.) Parul Purohit Vats (Dean, School of Performing Art at World University of Design) said, “Today young performing arts aspirants can take their career to newer heights without any qualms of monetary restrictions, provided they opt for a holistic degree course that teaches the right skill-set to help them leverage their potential.”

As educators, we need students to understand that it is significant to view non-performance roles as exciting opportunities to achieve a sustainable, long-spanning career in performing arts.

Learning allied arts is imperative in today’s time, as it will help students become self sufficient artists and make a viable career in performing arts.

For more information on World University of Design, please visit : www.worlduniversityofdesign.ac.in

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