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Education has evolved significantly from its traditional model, and reskilling is critical in the post-pandemic scenario. The prevailing challenges have brought to light a variety of issues while also instilling a sense of urgency in both students and professionals to accelerate their growth.

As the world transitions to a digital paradigm, there is a growing need to sharpen existing skills and learn new ones.

Here are 5 demanding courses with exciting career opportunities for students:

Intellipaat’s Advanced Certification in Cyber Security in collaboration with E&ICT, IIT Guwahati

The 600 Hrs applied learning curriculum has been curated to help both working Professionals & Fresher’s to learn the skills and techniques needed for excelling in their career in Cyber Security. The course covers all the basic to advanced concepts of Cyber Security such as python, cryptography, network security, SIEM, IAM, ethical hacking, application security, web penetration testing, SOC, & Cloud Security. Learners will be provided with multiple assignments and project work throughout the course. This online course is a perfect place to learn from IIT Guwahati Faculty & Industry Experts through 100+ live classes and get certified by EICT IIT Guwahati. Moreover, Career assistance along with 3 guaranteed interviews are offered by Intellipaat and 2 Days campus immersion happens at IIT Guwahati.

Advanced Certification in Cloud & DevOps by Intellipaat in collaboration with E&ICT, IIT Guwahati and Microsoft

This online 9 month training provides proficiency in Cloud and DevOps tools with 600 Hrs of applied learning by IIT Guwahati faculty & industry experts including 100+ Live sessions and 50+ Industry projects. You will master skills on AWS, Azure Administration, Data factory, Azure Security, AWS Devops,AWS Big Data, GCP, Python, & DevOps tools. This course will prepare learners for clearing the most looked out certifications by employers in the cloud domain. Additional one-on-one with industry mentors, 24*7 support and a dedicated learning manager will be provided. Atlast, Learners will receive certification from E&ICT, IIT Guwahati and Microsoft. E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati Alumni Status and campus immersion of 2 Days at IIT Guwahati is offered for learners. Career assistance and guaranteed 3 Interviews by Intellipaat is also provided.

Python programming masterclass from Udemy

This course will teach you the fundamentals of the Python programming language. One can learn the necessary Python skills to advance into specific fields such as Machine Learning, Data Science, and so on. Python can be learned from experienced professional software developers who will teach you how to write your own Python programmes.

UX Design Professional Certificate Coursera

This course empathizes with users, defines pain points, ideate solutions, create wireframes and prototypes, test and iterate on designs. They teach you the basics of UX research like planning research studies, conducting interviews and usability studies, and synthesizing research results. Users can create a professional UX portfolio that includes 3 end-to-end projects: a mobile app, a responsive website, and a cross-platform experience.

Design Thinking Course by EDX

This course teaches you how to conduct user-centered research and gain user empathy through interviews and observations. It aids in the strategies for understanding user context in order to identify and validate business problems. Their ideation and visualisation techniques produce targeted and creative solutions. The methods for evaluating and applying user feedback from testing models and prototypes to identify preferred solutions are taught to the students.

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