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It’s been eight months into the pandemic, still, several businesses have shifted to remote work to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and a growing number of employees are being laid off or furloughed. It’s true that analysts expect a recession, but career experts suggest it’s better to sustain networking and execution if you change your plan a bit and understand that these are unpredictable times. One needs to keep in mind that companies may not be recruiting today because they are trying to find out how to digitally do business, but they will be recruiting soon.

Many employees and job seekers are now wondering if they should continue to send out resumes or just presume that hiring is adjourned for a foreseeable future. Organizations might not be hiring right now because they’re trying to figure out how to do business, or are going into recession but they will be hiring, eventually. So, don’t lose hope yet!
Here are some platforms that are filling the gap between the recruiters and employees:

1. Vasitum

Searching for the perfect talent can cause a lot of stress. In a bid to resolve this conundrum, Vasitum is here to simplify and automate the recruitment process. It’s time to replace conventional hiring portals with a unique AI-powered solution that brings in-built sourcing, pre-assessments, screening tools, and automation to the recruitment process. Established in the year 2019, Vasitum is an Artificial Intelligence driven advanced hiring platform, enabling recruiters to hire top talent effortlessly. Vikram Wadhawan is the Founder and CEO of Vasitum. Being the founder of the organisation, Vikram spearheads the responsibility of almost everything – Product, Technology, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Finance, creation of Company Culture, Human Capital, Hiring, Compliance, etc.

2. Indeed Job search India

One of India’s leading job portals, which is used to search for jobs from across the world. Indeed, through its Coronavirus Work Tools, it is also playing its part in providing employment during this pandemic. Through the India Yes online work portal, you can check for millions of jobs and upgrade your career.

3. PlacementIndia

PlacementIndia helps you to make some kind of career posts by registering for free. As long as you build a successful post, your job post is easily found by aspirants on this job portal as they can browse work by industry, cities, department, skills, and the like. It is a portal that 5 million job seekers trust. To have a competitive advantage, by deciding to pay for it, you can get featured on this job site.

4. Monster

For job seekers around the world, including Indian people, Monster is a well-known website. It has a well-developed and expanded network of job seekers and Indian recruiters. There is a wide choice of options for both employers and future workers.

5. Shine

More than 300,000 jobs in India are provided by Shine. For both job seekers and recruiters, it is one of the leading work portals. It works with various industries and cooperates with India’s most reputable businesses. The effect of this job search portal is massive.

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