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After receiving a positive response on the first batch of 100X Gurukul, 100X.VC today announced the launch of the second batch of their 12-week not-for-profit initiative from 6th September. India’s leading early-stage venture capital firm has been providing budding entrepreneurs with a unique education platform free of cost since early this year through their 100X Gurukul.

The program has industry experts along with 100X Partner team who catalyzes the conversion of ideas into startup businesses through master classes as well as their real-life experiences. It includes pre-recorded video lectures, live masterclasses by experienced and well-known entrepreneurs and investors.

The second batch applications were higher than the previous, 100X.VC received 307 applications, of which 197 startups were shortlisted. Shortlisted founders – 359 founders from 197 startups- were finalized based on their ability to solve a challenging problem, making a real difference through the solutions, the potential to scale their solution, and the vision of the founders – purpose-driven.

Commenting on the initiative, NinadKarpe, Partner, 100X.VC, said, “To support the Indian startup ecosystem, we have come up with this initiative. The survey of our first batch had suggested that of 200 founders, 65% felt the information shared during the course to be new and about 75% of the participants were able to apply their learnings to their business. Hence, it is a great opportunity for founders to upskill and learn from the best.”

The program aims to provide founders practical insights to succeed in their efforts to raise funds, scale and come to grips with the new realities in the new digital world. Additionally, they will get an opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs through live video chats and share tips and exchange notes on scaling business.

Shashank Randev, Founder VC at 100X.VC, said, “We believe that the most effective way for founders to learn is from those who have been there and done that already, like successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. Hence, we have come up with a best-in-class education platform that brings some of the most innovative startup ideas on one platform to be mentored by the best in the industry. With 100X Gurukul, we want to help founders discover and learn the endless possibilities of scaling their business.”

The first batch of Gurukul was a success with all of the modules offered receiving a near-equal preference from the startup teams. Over 50% of the respondents agreed to have made a complete or a significant change in their businesses with the aid of mentorship from the 100X Gurukul sessions, as per the survey conducted by 100X.VC. The program focuses on upgrading the skills related to developing scalable business models, pricing the product, and understanding finance. Emphasis is given upon soft skills like presenting and pitching for fundraising. At the end of the program, the founders will receive a certificate of completion and an opportunity to get funded by 100X.VC.

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