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Brainly, the world’s largest online learning community for students, parents, and teachers, conducted survey research on its Indian user-base. Titled ‘To Teach is to Learn’, the survey garnered an overwhelming response, with its 2000+ participants sharing their opinions and experiences regarding online learning platforms and knowledge-exchange. The research revealed that approximately 89.2% of the respondents find online learning platforms beneficial, with 40.2% affirming an enhanced awareness and knowledge about different concepts, 32.7% noting an improvement in their academic performance, and 16.3% stating how these platforms have helped them network with fellow students, teachers, parents, and experts. When asked about how exchanging knowledge on these platforms has helped, 31.8% of the survey participants stated how they feel motivated to constantly update and revise their academic knowledge, 30.4% noted how doing homework with peers is a more enjoyable experience, and 28.4% of them felt an increase in confidence to help peers out with their homework.

The survey drew further insights regarding the frequency at which students resort to online learning platforms—over 25.4% of respondents use them for their day-to-day studies whereas 23.9% leverage them for homework and 16.9% for projects and assignments. A significant 25.1% of them find online learning highly beneficial for exam preparation and resort to using these platforms more frequently during those times.

In line with the theme, the survey probed into what the participants think happens when a student teaches a fellow student. 29.7% believe students develop a better understanding of concepts, 23.7% think it enhances confidence and communication skills, 21.7% consider it a booster for creativity and problem-solving skills, and 20.8% feel that it helps students improve knowledge retention as well as logical reasoning. These figures are indicative of how online learning platforms like Brainly have succeeded in gaining traction and prevalence as an effective alternative mode for academic learning.

Commenting on the survey findings, Michał Borkowski, Co-founder and CEO, Brainly remarked, “We believe that teaching is a perpetual process of learning in itself, and those who keep learning can teach, inspire, and motivate others to a great extent. Our objective behind conducting this survey was to discern the extent to which our Indian-base agrees with these beliefs. Equipped with these findings, we hope to continue to serve as an effective additional online coach for these students, empowering them with knowledge-exchange, deeper understanding, and holistic learning.”

Since its launch in India, Brainly has proved its mettle as one of the country’s most effective online learning channels by registering a user-base of 20M+ and a Y-o-Y growth rate of over 100%. With a ‘community learning’ model that combines online education, social media, and machine learning, the platform facilitates an extensive network of peers, parents, teachers, and experts to empower students with a collaborative, flexible, and comprehensive learning experience. The findings of this survey reiterate how Brainly has established itself among the most-preferred online portals for K-12 education both in India as well as across the globe.

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