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21K School- India’s fastest growing online school has entered into an association with ScholAR to provide 3D Augmented Reality based 3D Labs and Interactive Learning Practicals for science classes in grades 6th to 12th. ScholAR partners with top-tier schools and organisations to improve visual processing and enhance the overall learning process. The collaboration will enable the simulation of complex scientific patterns and concepts, encouraging a high level of engagement with students.

ScholAR will enable 21K students to nurture their inquisitive skills and develop High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) holistically with the help of 3D simulators and models. This will help students grasp the academic concepts in a comprehensive manner with a better understanding of their practical applications.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr Santosh Kumar, Co-founder and CE), of 21K School said, “Our mission at 21K School is to ensure an engaging learning experience to the students. Our partnership with ScholAR will further strengthen our innovation-led learning approach. Online schooling empowers the parents and the child to explore a world beyond rote learning and expand their horizons. At 21K, we believe in bringing forward a learning experience that helps develop vital skills in our students such as problem-solving, creative thinking and constructive decision-making abilities to make them ready for the brave new world of today. We are positive that ScholAR will add significant value in the learning experience of our students.”

21K School will not levy any additional charge for using ScholAR, and students would be able to access the platform through the School’s LMS portal.

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